Have you undergone fertility treatment?

Have you undergone fertility treatment?

As women have started having babies later in life, the number of patients receiving in vitro fertilization treatment has increased significantly.

Medical treatment can be life-changing, but it also comes at a price, as some couples go into heavy debt to pay for medical care that health insurance doesn’t always cover. Some research has questioned the effectiveness of new aspects of fertility treatment, such as genetic testing, and some patients have filed lawsuits. affirming that defective chemicals were destroying their embryos. Private equity firms, seeing the rapid growth of the sector, have been buy some of the largest fertility clinics in the country.

The New York Times is looking for readers who can share their recent experiences with in vitro fertilization treatment. Listening to patients helps us better understand where we should focus our reporting.

We will not publish any part of your response to this questionnaire without first discussing it with you. We will not share your contact information outside of The Times newsroom and will only use it to contact you. If you prefer to share your story with us anonymously, please visit our tips page.

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